Cardinal red molted white, medium sized peony.  Very early season. Slow, tall growth. 1788 Kanto, Japan.

1 & 3 gallon

​April Kiss

Medium, pink to red, formal double.  Upright growth with a heavy bud set.  Mid season. Cold hardy. 1995 North Carolina

1 & 3 gallon


Apricot pink, large semi-double with curled and crepe outer petals and occasional clusters of petaloids. Mid season. 1965 Mobile, Alabama.

1 & 3 gallon


Light pink, medium to full peony. Upright, vigorous growth. Early to mid season. Early 1900's Charleston, South Carolina.

3, 7 & 15 gallon

​April Snow

White, rose form double, medium to large bloom.  Late season with slow, compact growth. Cold hardy. 1993 North Carolina.

1 gallon

​Carter's Sunburst

Pale pink with darker pink marks on a large to very large semi-double to peony to formal double bloom. Early to late season. 1959 California

3 gallon

​Black Tie

Dark red, formal double resembling a rose bud, small bloom.  Mid season. Average, open, upright growth. 1975 Albany, Georgia

1 gallon

​Colonial Dame

White, occasionally blush pink, large semi-double bloom.  Open, slender, upright growth. Mid season. 1948 Thomasville, Georgia.

1, 3 & 7 gallon

Dr. Tinsley

Pale pink at base growing to a deeper pink on edge of petals, medium semi-double bloom. Compact, upright growth. Mid season. 1940 Lafayette, Louisiana.

1, 3 & 20 gallon


​Alba Plena

White, medium formal double. Slow bushy growth. Early season. 1792- China to U.S in 1800's.

1 & 3 gallon

​April Blush

Shell pink, medium to large semi-double. Relatively slow growth.  Mid season. Cold hardy. 1995 North Carolina.

1, 3, 7 & 15 gallon


Canary yellow, small to medium formal double. Slow to open. Upright growth. Mid season. 1986 Macon, Georgia.

1 & 3 gallon

​April Dawn

White with a few deep pink streaks, formal double.  Mid to late season. 1993 North Carolina.

1, 10 & 20 gallon

Brushfield's Yellow

Antique white guard petals surround double center of lightly ruffled pale primrose yellow petaloids.  Medium, anemone form. 1970 Austrailia.

7 gallon

Camellia Japonica & Spring Blooming Hybrids


White, large to very large semi-double.

1, 3 & 7 gallon

​Buttons 'n Bows

Light pink shading deeper at edge, small formal double with curved and fluted petals. Early to mid season. 1985 California.

1 gallon

Don Mac

Dark red, semi-double to loose peony form with curved and crepe petals surrounding  large mass of stamens. Average, upright growth. 1956 Pensacola, Florida.

 3 gallon

Black Magic

Very dark glossy red, medium semi-double to rose form double.  Average, spreading growth.  Unusual holly-like foliage. Mid to late season. 1992 California

1, 3 & 7 gallon


Pink with faint orchid overtone, large semi-double bloom.  Vigorous, spreading, upright growth. Mid to late season. 1965 Savannah, Georgia.

1, 3 & 20 gallon

Elegans, Chandlerii

Rose pink with center petaloids often spotted white, large to very large anemone form. Early to mid season. Slow, spreading growth. 1831 London, England.

 3 gallon


Red with purple shades, medium semi-double fluted petals. Mid season. 1951 Gulfport, Mississippi

7, 10 & 15 gallon

This page is currently being constructed to replace the old picture page, as we now have many new and different varieties.

Emily Wilson

Light pink, medium semi-double to loose peony. Vigorous, compact, upright growth. 1953 Batesburg, South Carolina.

1, 3 & 10 gallon

​April Rose

Rose red, formal double, medium bloom late season.  Slow, compact growth.  Very cold hardy. 1993 North Carolina.

1 gallon

​Finlandia Variegated

White streaked crimson, medium semi-double with swirled and fluted petals. Average, compact growth. Early to mid season. 1943 Japan.

 3 gallon