Brushfield's Yellow

Antique white guard petals surround double center of lightly ruffled pale primrose yellow petaloids.  Medium, anemone form. 1970 Austrailia.

7 gallon

Emily Wilson

Light pink, medium semi-double to loose peony. Vigorous, compact, upright growth. 1953 Batesburg, South Carolina.

1, 3 & 10 gallon

​Black Tie

Dark red, formal double resembling a rose bud, small bloom.  Mid season. Average, open, upright growth. 1975 Albany, Georgia

1 gallon

​Alba Plena

White, medium formal double. Slow bushy growth. Early season. 1792- China to U.S in 1800's.

1 & 3 gallon

Black Magic

Very dark glossy red, medium semi-double to rose form double.  Average, spreading growth.  Unusual holly-like foliage. Mid to late season. 1992 California

1, 3 & 7 gallon


Canary yellow, small to medium formal double. Slow to open. Upright growth. Mid season. 1986 Macon, Georgia.

1 & 3 gallon

This page is currently being constructed to replace the old picture page, as we now have many new and different varieties.

Elegans, Chandlerii

Rose pink with center petaloids often spotted white, large to very large anemone form. Early to mid season. Slow, spreading growth. 1831 London, England.

 3 gallon

Camellia Japonica & Spring Blooming Hybrids


Red with purple shades, medium semi-double fluted petals. Mid season. 1951 Gulfport, Mississippi

7, 10 & 15 gallon

​Carter's Sunburst

Pale pink with darker pink marks on a large to very large semi-double to peony to formal double bloom. Early to late season. 1959 California

3 gallon


Pink with faint orchid overtone, large semi-double bloom.  Vigorous, spreading, upright growth. Mid to late season. 1965 Savannah, Georgia.

1, 3 & 20 gallon

Don Mac

Dark red, semi-double to loose peony form with curved and crepe petals surrounding  large mass of stamens. Average, upright growth. 1956 Pensacola, Florida.

 3 gallon

Dr. Tinsley

Pale pink at base growing to a deeper pink on edge of petals, medium semi-double bloom. Compact, upright growth. Mid season. 1940 Lafayette, Louisiana.

1, 3 & 20 gallon


Light pink, medium to full peony. Upright, vigorous growth. Early to mid season. Early 1900's Charleston, South Carolina.

3, 7 & 15 gallon

​April Rose

Rose red, formal double, medium bloom late season.  Slow, compact growth.  Very cold hardy. 1993 North Carolina.

1 gallon

​April Dawn

White with a few deep pink streaks, formal double.  Mid to late season. 1993 North Carolina.

1, 10 & 20 gallon

​Finlandia Variegated

White streaked crimson, medium semi-double with swirled and fluted petals. Average, compact growth. Early to mid season. 1943 Japan.

 3 gallon


Apricot pink, large semi-double with curled and crepe outer petals and occasional clusters of petaloids. Mid season. 1965 Mobile, Alabama.

1 & 3 gallon

​April Snow

White, rose form double, medium to large bloom.  Late season with slow, compact growth. Cold hardy. 1993 North Carolina.

1 gallon

​Colonial Dame

White, occasionally blush pink, large semi-double bloom.  Open, slender, upright growth. Mid season. 1948 Thomasville, Georgia.

1, 3 & 7 gallon

​Buttons 'n Bows

Light pink shading deeper at edge, small formal double with curved and fluted petals. Early to mid season. 1985 California.

1 gallon


Cardinal red molted white, medium sized peony.  Very early season. Slow, tall growth. 1788 Kanto, Japan.

1 & 3 gallon


White, large to very large semi-double.

1, 3 & 7 gallon

​April Kiss

Medium, pink to red, formal double.  Upright growth with a heavy bud set.  Mid season. Cold hardy. 1995 North Carolina

1 & 3 gallon

​April Blush

Shell pink, medium to large semi-double. Relatively slow growth.  Mid season. Cold hardy. 1995 North Carolina.

1, 3, 7 & 15 gallon